Libcloud Update (April 2012) - 0.8.0, 0.9.1, GSoC

Welcome to Libcloud April 2012 update post. Sorry for skipping a couple of months, but I have been pretty busy again. In any case, here is a short but sweet April update.

What has been accomplished in the past few months

  • Libcloud 0.8.1 with support for compressed responses (gzip, deflate) has been released.
  • Libcloud 0.9.1 with improvements in deploy functionality and OpenStack driver has been released.
  • I have attended PyCon US 2012 in Santa Clara in March. As always, it was a lot of fun talking with old and meeting new friends. This year we didn’t hold a Libcloud development sprint, but I still managed to talk with some Libcloud users and prompted Libcloud at the AWS open space session.
  • Libcloud has applied to Google Summer of Code 2012 under Apache organization. We have received 1 slot. Student Ilgiz Islamgulov will be working on the Libcloud REST interface this summer.

Dancing robots at PyCon

What is currently going on

  • We are currently moving towards 1.0 release which means mostly polishing the code, fixing bugs and avoiding big and API breaking changes. A lot of code, especially compute API has already been battle tested, but there are still some parts which I want to see improved (deployment functionality for example) before releasing 1.0.