About Me

My name is Tomaz Muraus (also known as Kami) and I’m a software engineer, entrepreneur and an open source supporter and advocate from Slovenia.

I first started messing with computers when I was 11 and I never stopped since then. I launched my first project, a website for IRC bot Eggdrop, a couple of months after I got my first internet connection at the age of 13.

Besides messing with anything computer related I also like to spend my free time enjoying a nice bike ride.

I also used to be pretty crazy about sports science, nutrition and biomed and spent way too much time on pubmed and similar sites, but I haven’t had much time to do that lately.

I’m also an Apache Software Foundation member and a project-chair and committer at the Apache Libcloud project. Libcloud is an open-source Python library that abstracts away the differences among multiple cloud provider APIs. It allows users to manage cloud services (servers, storage, load balancers, DNS) offered by many different providers through a single, unified and easy to use API.

Besides Libcloud, I also started and contribute to a lot of other open-source projects. For more information, see my Github page.

My primary and favorite programming language of choice is Python. The reason for that is that Python is very expressive, readable, has low syntax overhead and allows me to focus on solving problems instead on the language itself.

If other programming language is a better tool for the job I can also work (and often do work) with other languages such as JavaScript, Node.js, Java, Ruby, Lua, TCL and probably a lot of the other languages you can think of.

My fields of interest include distributed systems, big data, cloud computing, monitoring, infrastructure automation, configuration management, device hacking (Android phone and tablets) and open source projects and communities.

Contact Info

If you want to get in touch, you can contact me using one of the methods listed bellow.

Email: tomaz at tomaz dot me


ID: CE0692F3
Fingerprint: 9978 28DC 62F7 59CE A189 D65E 2C07 54B2 CE06 92F3