libcloud Monthly Update (September 2011) - FLOSS weekly, OpenStack driver improvements, DNS API

Without further ado here is a Libcloud monthly update for September 2011.

What has been accomplished in the past month

  • I was a guest on FLOSS weekly (podcast about FOSS software) where I talked about Libcloud. You can find video and audio recording of the show on

  • OpenStack and Rackspace drivers have received a lot of needed attention and refactoring. Rackspace driver now properly inherits from the OpenStack one instead of vice versa (thanks Mike). This will make extending the Rackspace driver and developing other provider drivers which are based on OpenStack a lot easier. Rackspace drivers now also support authentication with Rackspace Auth 1.1.

  • Linode compute driver now supports new location in Japan.

    Linode has recently added a new location (Tokyo, Japan) and this location is now also supported in Libcloud.

  • DNS API development has finally started.

    Base API proposal can be found here. I have also just finished a reference implementation and a first driver for the Linode DNS as a service. The driver can be found in trunk. Feedback is welcome (and encouraged).

What is currently going on

  • Hacking on the DNS API continues. DNS API with at least two drivers is planned to be included in the next release (0.6.0) which should be out around November.

See you next month!