libcloud Monthly Update (April 2011) - Storage API, load-balancer API, new drivers

Another month is around and it is time for another libcloud monthly update post. I did not write one previous month, because I have written “PyCon US 2011 Recap” post which also includes information about libcloud development which has happened during PyCon and in March.

What has been accomplished in April 2011

  • libcloud website has been ported to the Apache CMS. Now adding new and editing existing content should be a lot easier.
  • Extension method for modifying the instance attributes and changing the instance size has been added to the Amazon compute driver - r1084180
  • compute driver has been contributed by Aymeric Barantal - LIBCLOUD-76
  • CloudFiles storage driver and the base storage class have undergone a lot of improvements
  • CloudFiles storage driver code coverage has been increased for ~20% (from ~70% to ~89)
  • A new Amazon S3 storage driver has been committed intro trunk -
  • OpSource compute driver has been contributed by Joe Miller - LIBCLOUD-77
  • Work has started on the load-balancer API and a reference drivers for GoGrid and Rackspace have already been committed into trunk. r1095180
  • Community resources section has been added to the website. This section contains links to different articles, tutorials and presentations produced by the libcloud developers and users.

What is currently going on

  • Jeremy Whitlock is working on the libvirt driver. If you have any feedback or suggestions for this driver, please share it with others on the mailing list.
  • Work continues on the storage and the load-balancer API. Only some minor changes are still needed for the storage API to be considered stable enough so libcloud 0.5.0 can be released.


  • Roman (the main author of the libcloud load-balancer API) has written a blog post which describes some differences and caveats which you can encounter while working with the Rackspace and GoGrid load-balancer API so be sure to check it out - Overview of GoGrid and Rackspace Load Balancing Services.

As you can see, April was pretty busy and a lot of new stuff has been committed into trunk.

Storage API will hopefully be finished soon and one of the highlights of the next month update post will be a long-awaited libcloud 0.5.0 release :)