My Silicon Valley and Cloudkick experience

I have spent better part of this summer doing internship at Y-Combinator startup Cloudkick.

Cloudkick main product is a cloud and dedicated server management and monitoring platform. They are also the innovators behind libcloud - a Python library for managing cloud server from different providers through a unified interface.

The technology itself behind Cloudkick is very diverse.

Better part of the backend code is written in Python using Twisted framework, but there is also C, C++, Java, Lua and in the future, when it gets more mature and stable I have a feeling that NodeJS will also play a big role in the Cloudkick infrastructure.

While staying there, I have worked on multi factor authentication, better search powered by Solr, Cloudkick agent plugins, role based permissions framework, Cast (more about Cast in the future post) and more.

Better part of the time which I did not spend in the office I have spent with my roommate and other intern Russell Haering exploring San Francisco and doing pair programing up to 5:00 in the morning (yeah, Russell loves pair programming :P).

The whole experience with living in San Francisco, the place with all the web 2.0 companies (which I have to say, is totally different from Maribor, the city where I come from) and working at startup with smart, fun and driven people like Dan, Paul, Alex and others was great and lots of fun (and not to say I have also learned a lot).

Also, I got a chance to meet Eric Brewer (the author of the CAP theorem), Ryan Dahl (author of NodeJS), view a cluster of ~200 Mac Minis at Mozilla and visit Facebook, Google and other SV companies (oh and did I mention that I lived ~5 minutes away from the Mythbusters HQ?).

As taxing and stressful as working at startup can sometimes be, it definitely is very rewarding - I have experienced it first hand not long after arriving to San Francisco when going to the SysAdmin Appreciation day party wearing a Cloudkick t-shirt.

Soon after I have arrived to the party, a person has seen my t-shirt, come to me and said that they use Cloudkick and they love it (there is hardly anything better then someone who is using something you have been part of saying that they love it).

Oh, and how does the saying go again, “pics or it didn’t happen”.

Golden Gate Mozilla HQ Team Cloudkick (minus Bjorn) Nice view on the city from the Clarendon Heights near the Sutro Tower Stanford Campus Gold's Gym Spam, and lots of it "Watering the Apple" by Russell Haering Cloudkick volunteer day at Muir Woods Facebook lobby Google HQ Yelp's Doll